Winter Pruning In wintertime, trees are in their dormant stage and this halts their growth. This inactivity along with cold temperatures creates an ideal setting for pruning. If you prune after new growth has started, you can limit the plant's bloom potential for the year. Call HFTS today to schedule your winter pruning!
Customer Service Our cheery crew is ready to handle all of your arboricultural needs!
Ornamental Pruning We believe that your small trees and shrubs are just as important as those large majestic trees.
Stump Grinding We can tackle all stumps. We have several machines, big and small, in order to gain access to your stumps.
Plant Health Care Care for all of your outdoor gardens with expertise.
Tree Removal Our log truck is the pinnacle piece of our equipment. Shown here, our Prentice Loader is picking up a large log from a Silver Maple, that High Falls Tree Service removed from a yard in Irondequoit.
Tree Trimming At the end of the day, we couldn’t be happier pruning your trees to ISA standards. The ISA standards are nationally-recognized and with help of universities and their research, you can be sure your trees are being pruned and cared for to the highest standards.


High Falls Tree Service has provided tree and plant health care services throughout Rochester, New York for 15 years.

We are a full-service, DEC-licensed and registered operator of tree and plant health care services. High Falls has worked alongside fertilizer makers to provide fertilizer best fit for the conditions in Rochester, New York. High Falls also uses the most up-to-date technologies to reduce any negative impact on our environment. 

The members of the HFTS team are always continuing their education to be on top of all tree, plant, and lawn care needs. High Falls Tree Service works hard to make sure customers receive the most knowledgeable and skilled staff in Rochester, New York.


High Falls Tree Service takes pride in all of these services and is proud to be a premier provider of them. 

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