Preparing Trees for a Rochester NY Fall

We are entering into the fall season and we are seeing that the nights are cooler and that the hours in the day are much shorter due to the lack of daylight. Myself and the guys enjoy the cooler working temperatures, but going to work with the headlights on is a bit of a bummer.

Because of the changes in daylight deciduous trees leaves stop making food making the chlorophyll breakdown causing the green color to disappear. This is when we start to see all the brilliant fall colors. Fall is personally my favorite time of year. As fall progresses trees are developing cells at the stems of the leaves that sever the tissue where the leaves are connected and the leaves drop.

This is when we get out the rakes, make big piles of leaves and watch are kids run through them.

Here at High Falls we are doing our best to get the trees trimmed and removed that are in the que and prepare for the winter months also. Winter is one of the best times of the year to prune your trees because they are dormant. Trees that are in tricky spots that require heavy equipment to get to them are also trees we will plan for our winter.

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