Plant Health Care in Rochester NY

Plant health care has always been important to us, but this year we took it one more step and offered lawn care. I decided that it only made sense for us to add this service because we have our license with the DEC, lawn and plant health care require the same license. The lawn care is a lot of fun although to do right is very difficult. It is important to make our clients happy with their turf. But at the same time it is also important to be kind to the environment. While trying to keep the weeds and pest away, we also do not want to hurt the bees and other insects that are such a benefit to us. I spent a great deal of time making sure that the timing of our lawn applications were spot on and have applied low impact pesticides only when applications were needed. The lawns that we care for look great. We use a product formulated for this area and we have gotten great results because of it! When turf is strong it will push out the weeds and in turn there is less weed control needed to have a nice yard. This year was also nice for the grass due to all the moisture, I don't know anyone who had to water their grass as much as in past years.

We will be getting our last lawn application down soon. This last application will be targeting root development and an early spring green up. Call the office for a free estimate 467-9310.

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