Spring Means Tree Trimming in Rochester NY!

Believe it or not, spring is coming. Other than that one major storm, we have been very lucky this year in terms of snow. The recent warm temperatures have me chomping at the bit. I have been noticing some early bulb foliage poking through the soil lately, and I know its just a matter of time before the delicious yellow forsythia blossoms will be decorating the landscape. The forsythia is always my spring indicator. It's a sure sign of good things to come! Like Red Bud, and Magnolia, and Flowering Pear. The cherries, the crabapples, flowers everywhere! Did you know we provide plant care?

These warmer temperatures means it's a great time to get outside and take a look at your landscape. How are your trees looking? You really can see a lot without the leaves. Take a peek. Are there broken or hanging limbs? Limbs that are getting close to the house or the utility lines?

Get your season kicked into gear by a visit from High Falls Tree Service. We do free estimates and provide the highest quality tree trimming in Rochester NY!

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