tree trimming

High Falls Tree Services is superior when it comes to trimming trees. We take pride in what we do. At the end of the day, we couldn’t be happier pruning your trees to ISA standards. The ISA standards are nationally-recognized and with help from universities and their research, you can be sure your trees are being pruned and cared for to the highest standards.

tree removals

High Falls Tree Services has all the equipment necessary to remove your trees safely. Our climbers climb those hard-to-get-to trees or we take them down using a bucket truck. Our crews are knowledgeable about all the new rigging techniques and have all the rigging tools necessary to get your trees down safely. We continue to keep up with all rigging techniques with the continuing education provided by the TCIA and ISA.

plant health care

High Falls Tree Services can care for all of your outdoor plants, whether it be large mature trees or plants that create your landscape. Through continuing education and with support from the ISA and places like the Cornell Cooperative Extension, HFTS is up to date with all plant health care needs. HFTS is licensed through the DEC and follow stringent guidelines to make sure your trees and landscape are cared for properly and to the greatest standards.

lawn health care

HFTS has a 4 step lawn program that works and works very well! We use the best fertilizers available. Our fertilizers are specially formulated for the Rochester region, so you can be sure your lawn is in great hands that understand our local needs.

Stump Grinding

High Falls Tree Service can tackle all stumps. We have several machines, big and small, in order to gain access to your stumps.

Ornamental Tree Pruning

High Falls Tree Service prunes small trees and shrubs. We believe that your small trees and shrubs are just as important as those large majestic trees. HFTS will maintain the small ornamentals, so they are structurally sound and healthy.

Cabling and Bracing for large trees

High Falls Tree Service has all the tools and knowledge needed to provide your trees with braces, rods, and cables. For those trees that need extra support to keep them safe and sound, we are your “go to” tree service.

Emergency/Storm Damage

Tree on your house, car or garage or even imminent danger? Call us. We can be available 24/7 if needed.