You never know what you are going to get when you call for a contracting service. The best you can do is get recommendations. You can read the reviews on Yelp or Google. That was the case for my call for tree service. I read reviews and called a couple of companies.  Some of them never returned my calls. High Falls Tree Service returned my call promptly and the work was amazing. We had a 60-70ft pine dying in our front yard. They came out to remove it and said it would take two hours. Not only were they done in less than two, they cleaned up all the debris and chips in our driveway, my neighbors' driveway, the street in front of the house and even our little front porch. They were fast, efficient and worked beautifully as a team. If you need tree guys call for them.

Doug S. , Kings Ferry, New York

Had to remove a large branch. They did it perfectly.

Angie's List Anonymous HFTS Customer, Rochester, New York

An ENORMOUS tree fell on the roof and had to be removed ASAP. They picked up the phone! They promised to be there and they came in less than 12 hours. The job was a mess - huge tree, damage to the roof, house surrounded by trees. It was not an easy removal project, but they did it quickly and with as little collateral damage as possible It was fantastic!

Angie's List Anonymous HFTS Customer, Rochester, New York

Just had a great experience with High Falls Tree Service. We hired them to do routine maintenance and trimming for a magnolia, a Japanese maple and a spruce. I can not say enough about how thoughtfully they trimmed the trees, how impeccable the clean up was, and how great Kevin and Brian are. Brian = the Tree Whisperer. Happy to recommend them without reservation.

Judith F-K, Rochester, New York